CONSULT Diagnostic Software Updates


CONSULT-III plus Diagnostic Software (Version: 224.11.00)

Starting with version 91.10, CONSULT-III plus (C-III Plus) diagnostic software can be installed on any off-the-shelf generic personal computer that meets C-III plus software operating specifications. This software must be used with a Nissan Vehicle Interface (J-47446-VI2-B and J-52925-VI3).

Click here for hardware requirements New Login Instructions

Click here to purchase ($1250) a C-III plus software – 1 year subscription.
Click here to purchase ($1550) a C-III plus software with GTR software (Version 49.10 ) – 1 year subscription.

This purchase includes 1-year subscription software updates. You may download future updates from your download page

If CONSULT Kit or vehicle interface is purchased from TechMate (Bosch):

You will need information from your TechMate (Bosch) receipt/invoice to register and be approved to purchase an annual subscription.

If purchased Outside of Bosch:

If you purchased your CONSULT Kit or vehicle interface second-hand, (not directly from TechMate), you will need to purchase a software license before you can purchase a C-III Plus diagnostic software 1-year subscription.

The link below facilitates a one-time purchase of a C-III plus diagnostic software license and one copy of the current version of diagnostic software.

Click here to purchase ($1300) a C-III plus software license and C-III plus software.
Click here to purchase ($1600) a C-III plus software license and C-III plus software with GTR software.

CONSULT-III plus Diagnostic System Information

Nissan and Infiniti update C-III plus diagnostic software on a quarterly basis. Updates add newly released models and software fixes. It is recommended the latest version of C-III plus software be installed before connecting to a vehicle. Subscribers are authorized to download updates as they are released.
CONSULT Kit or vehicle interface can be purchased by contacting TechMate (Bosch) at 1-800-366-6687. Information can also found at
Nissan and Infiniti vehicle uses a high level of security when Re/programming or Configuration is performed to the vehicle ECUs. With the release of software version 73.1, technicians will be required to login with their Nissan or Infiniti Techinfo website user ID and password to perform Re/programming and Configuration in C-III Plus.
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